Hosting Data Centre

An infrastructure we can all trust

The availability of your web site is dependant upon the servers on which it is hosted. For this very reason, we insist on using the best in the market for hosting your web site - and we're not ashamed to tell you who we believe that is...

United Hosting have been a well respected hosting solutions provider since 1998 and successfully host more than 50,000 web sites.

Fully redundant power supply systems, around the clock monitoring, 24/7 engineers on standby and a 50% capacity limit are just some of the reasons why they can boast a proven 99.99% uptime - and why we can be sure your site will always be accessible.

Network Connectivity

Lightening fast and UK hosted

The network boasts over 8gbps (8,000mbps) of bandwidth connectivity. The hand-picked premium providers and peering arrangements ensure that your site is always hosted at lightning speeds and with multiple redundant routes to use.

Being UK-based, your web site will have a UK IP address thereby assisting search engines determine the geolocation of your business. US hosting is also available should you require this.

Server Technology

No expense spared on server technology

All servers are the latest server-grade rackmount servers from Dell or Supermicro, boasting top of the line Dual Quad-Core (8 or 16 CPUs total!) Intel Nehalem Processors, a minimum of 12GB ECC registered DDR RAM and RAID 10 redundant mirroring disks.